April Interfaith Council Meeting Speakers

The next meeting of the Frankfort Interfaith Council is scheduled to take place on Tuesday, April 19th.

At 7 PM, immediately following our business meeting, we will host our speakers, the newest Frankfort Interfaith Council members, Patricia and Ben Griffith, who will share information about their faith journeys as Quakers (AKA the Religious Society of Friends).

We will meet in the library of Church of the Ascension, the downtown Episcopal Church, 311 Washington Street. Five (Facing the church from Washington Street, the door will be to the right of the main entrance, setting farther back from the street.) Many thanks to the Church of the Ascension for agreeing to serve as our new meeting host site.

This will be our first in person meeting since the beginning of the pandemic. The Council is committed to following CDC guidelines. If the community level for Franklin county remains low, we will continue to meet in person. However, the Council may elect to resume Zoom meetings, should the level rise again. In keeping with the current CDC guidance, masks will not be required at this time. However, attendees are welcome to continue to mask based on your personal preference, informed by your personal level of risk.

Please consider joining us as we continue to explore ways to spread compassion in Frankfort, Kentucky, and beyond.

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