Frankfort Interfaith Community Thanksgiving Service Nov. 26

The Frankfort/Franklin County Ministerial Association invites the community — people of all religious persuasions and none — to attend its annual Community Thanksgiving Service at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 26, at Bridgeport Christian Church, 175 Evergreen Road.

The service will be a interfaith event with representatives from various religions: Baha’i, Judaism and Islam, plus the historic reading of George Washington’s first Thanksgiving Day proclamation.

“Thanksgiving Day is a national holiday — not a specifically Christian holiday — and that all people are invited to give thanks and express their gratitude for our nation, for our land and its people, and for the opportunity to gather together to express their thanks,” Rev. Nancy Jo Kemper, the interim minister at Bridgeport Christian Church, said. “We are so divided as a nation these days, that we desperately need opportunities like this to come together in spite of our differences, and to learn how much we truly have in common.”

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